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Ajax form validating matrimonial dating websites

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Plenty argue (including myself), that server side validation is more secure.

You probably wont even need the cross variable as you do indeed define it again on the next script "validatefields.js".One extra note: j Query is used throughout the Java Script files. Pass your DB instance to the validate_input function. That has got to be the largest function I've ever seen!field_var cross = ''; var tick = ''; var loading = ''; // Send the data from the form to the PHP file 'jqueryvalidate.php', where they will call the function to validate the data $('input:text,input:password,input[type=email]').blur(function() ); $('input:checkbox').click(function() ); As you can see, this has two different functions for the validation: one for text, password and email fields and another for checkboxes. You're unnecessarily tying your validate_input function to mysql Connect(). There's no reason to type that My SQL block over and over again.I'm trying to get my form to validate before using an Ajax request to submit the form to my php script.I've looked through stackoverflow and haven't found something that worked. I have 3 inputs and a submit button: Should I use a plugin for this?In Creating pages from the frontend, we covered server side form validation.