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It includes two entire national parks, Dartmoor and Exmoor (a small part of the New Forest is also within the region); and four World Heritage Sites, including Stonehenge and the Jurassic Coast.
All persons depicted herein were at least 18 years of age at the time of the photography.

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Only in the late Atlantic period did the beech and hornbeam spread into western and central Europe from the southeast.SYNONYMS OR RELATED TERMS: focus; phase CATEGORY: term DEFINITION: A culturally homogeneous stratigraphic layer within a site that belongs to one culture and is interpreted as the remains of a single people during a relatively brief period of time.The battle is generally regarded as one of the first naval battles of the American Revolutionary War, and one of the first fought by the United States Navy.Most of the ships in the American fleet under the command of Benedict Arnold were captured or destroyed by a British force under the overall direct of General Guy Carleton.It was also the longest single-day battle of the war, with continuous fighting for 11 hours..............................., The naval Battle of Valcour Island, also known as the Battle of Valcour Bay, took place on October 11, 1776, on Lake Champlain.The main action took place in Valcour Bay, a narrow strait between the New York mainland and Valcour Island.

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The British Army defeated the American Army and forced them to withdraw toward the American capital of Philadelphia.However, the American defense of Lake Champlain stalled British plans to reach the upper Hudson River valley. , Known as the "Swamp Fox" Marion showed himself to be a singularly able leader of irregular militiamen and ruthless in his terrorizing of Loyalists.Unlike the Continental troops, Marion's Men, as they were known, served without pay, supplied their own horses, arms and often their food.Two men have been arrested in connection with a Melbourne shooting linked to Middle Eastern gangs which left two others in hospital.Five properties at Meadow Heights, Coolaroo and Craigieburn were raided on Saturday with police arresting two men, 18 and 23, who are being questioned over the shooting. Non-put and takes and non-bi-level tops: miscellaneous spinners. Note, after you click the picture, you may have to wait up to a minute for the video to download!