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You can apply for many of these debt consolidation options online, or even check with your local bank or credit union.Shop around before finalizing which consolidation loan you want to use, as the goal is to find a loan that offers a lower interest rate than you’re currently paying.If you apply for another loan after consolidation, the lender will run your credit report and take a close look at your scores.Any potential creditor will consider that you've got newly available credit on your installment accounts, and that you may be tempted to use it.Debt consolidation is the process of combining multiple debts into one streamlined payment, often with a much lower interest rate and smaller monthly amount.Many different types of loans can be used to consolidate other debts, such as peer-to-peer lending services, personal loans, and even balance transfers from other credit cards.The downside is, if you have a bunch of debt on credit cards and suddenly move it all at once it's going to raise a red flag for the credit card holders, especially these days when they are tightening their belts on how much credit they lend.

For the most part, if you use the right option for debt consolidation for your circumstances, it shouldn’t hurt your credit score. If you follow that plan correctly, this means you’re making payments on time and taking steps to cut your debt load.

This is a measure of how much debt you have on open lines of credit (basically credit cards and unsecured lines of credit) compared to how much available credit you have (the total of all your credit lines).

To simplify, if you have one credit card with a 1000 credit line and you are carrying a 500 balance, your utilization score is 50%.

Your creditors may lower or eliminate interest while this is in effect, as long as you make the payments as scheduled.

Whether the process succeeds or not, the credit bureaus will take note.