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i was able to log into my server successfully, but it took exceptionally long to load the map I was in, and was unplayable due to the flickering.

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In the beginning of the song, Ja Rule asks her, “What’s my m-f’in name? Nope, what she actually does is spell out “R-U-L-E,” as in his name: Ja Rule.

” and her response is kind of difficult to understand.

While it was a fairly tough list to make (trust me, as a Bronx native it was painful to cut his 2004 “New York” single with Fat Joe and Jadakiss), it just goes to show how timeless—yes, give him his deserved credit, please—Ja Rule’s music truly is.

He then added with a second thought: 'But also her talent, her drive, her determination, she will never give up.

J-Rod stepped out for a dinner date in Miami Thursday night, and J Lo made sure to showcase her dancer's legs in a BIG way.

A-Rod, on the other hand, was rocking his finest preppy dad threads.

BTW, they left from the same house, seconds apart ...

Because neither of them have given us a proper alternative to feast on.

If they’re doing specials in six months, I’ll be pissed. Alison Herman: You know the only reason we’ve had to subsist on the thin, thin gossip gruel Rihanna and Drake have fed us for so many years?