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Arnold was a General of the Army and retired before the Air Force was made a separate service, but he was awarded the General of the Air Force rank after his retirement and was photographed in an Air Force uniform wearing the insignia of that rank.

During the Cold War, with the rise of the Strategic Air Command, it was proposed that General of the Air Force be reestablished and granted to senior Air Force generals, such as the commander of NORAD.

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Service records for both men and officers are held at the National Archives in Kew, along with other forms of information such as muster rolls and pay lists. Further information on the records held at the National Archives can be found on their web site at . If you know the approximate years in which he served, you could check the Army List and proceed as above.

The difficulties of maintaining a relationship in the Navy may be one of the drawbacks of service, but having a relationship with a colleague can be even more problematic – as Cdr West discovered earlier this month, when she was sent home following an alleged affair with her third-in-command.

Rank-and-file soldiers have stories of relationships between military personnel which are never brought to the attention of the authorities, while military lawyers are often called upon to provide advice when investigations are launched.

When first detached for this service the men were attired in their own regimental uniforms.

Some new items of equipment and clothing were issued to prepare them for the impending campaign.

In the United States Air Force, General of the Air Force is the highest rank, equivalent to a five star General.

The rank has only been held by one person in history: Henry H. General of the Army is the equivalent rank in the United States Army and the insignia for the two positions were originally the same.