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Studies of mortality and somatic well-being after sex-reassignment surgery (SRS) of transsexual individuals are equivocal.

Accordingly, the present study investigated mortality and somatic morbidity using a sample of transsexual individuals who comprised 98% (n = 104) of all surgically reassigned transsexual individuals in Denmark. In total, 8.6% had somatic morbidity before and after SRS.

So then they gave me another drug called Modafinil, which they give to narcolepsy patients to wake them up.” Clark took the pharmacological cocktail for a year before she realized the only drug that could fix her gender dysphoria was estrogen. The surgery, even once an initial meeting with a doctor has been completed, is still years away for those who want it.

A psychiatrist suggested to then 40-year-old Clark that if she was even remotely considering GRS, also known as sex reassignment surgery, she should start the process immediately. The process looks something like this: a transgender person seeking surgery must have completed a year of hormone replacement therapy, as well as lived for at least a year in the gender for which they‘re undergoing GRS before a doctor will consider advancing their case.

For instance, a female transgender athlete like Fallon would be required to produce medical documentation of the relevant surgeries and procedures she underwent during transition (it should be noted that it is not a requirement for the athlete to undergo complete gender assignment surgery), as well as detailed paperwork from a board certified endocrinologist or internist showing that she underwent hormone therapy for a minimum of two years following a gonadectomy and the levels have been within acceptable range for a female.

Admittedly, I have been on the fence about this, leaning toward the side of caution.

A referral letter alone from a qualified mental health professional now suffices.

As of the seventh version of the SOC, a three-month minimum requirement of RLE is no longer part of WPATH's recommended criteria for HRT.

Should she legally be allowed to fight professionally?

In a recent article by Sports Illustrated's Loretta Hunt, Ms.

Does she have a significant physical advantage, since she was once biologically a male?

Furthermore, does she pose a higher risk to the women she faces in the cage?