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The extensive flight of uplifted reef terraces which occurs along the Vitiaz strait on the northern flank of the Huon Peninsula in PNG (Papua New Guinea) contains a particularly good record of sea level changes in the last 250 ky.
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His messily scrawled note read: "Questions we have a right to ask in a democracy."This one was, however, a little too cryptic to have any deep and lasting impact on the hearts and minds of the general public, who weren’t sure quite what he was referring to.

Legend has it that he was commenting on the detention of David Miranda – the partner of the journalist who broke stories of mass surveillance by the US National Security Agency – at Heathrow Airport, though no one could confirm otherwise.

Many years before they get together, Amelia and Jamie both date other stars when they first come to fame.

British actress Amelia is spotted with Colin Farrell at the Los Angeles premiere of her movie Quills in 2000.

And the loved-up pair couldn’t stop giggling as photographers scrambled around the car to try and catch their spontaneous kiss.

But this was the culmination of a fun-filled night for the Pirates of the Caribbean star as she had been showing her co-stars Fassbender and Mortensen just how lucky Righton was all evening.

The gorgeous actress was clearly having a ball as she partied with her co-stars Michael Fassbender and Viggo Mortensen, showing them a good time while her boyfriend, The Klaxons frontman James Righton, stood in the background and watched.

' and he was like, 'I f***ing did.' Everybody needs a friend like that."Film critic Mark Kermode has since tweeted to claim that he was the on the receiving end of the punch Knightley was talking about.Revelling in the attention she was getting as she got up close and personal with Inglorious Basterds star Fassbender at the after party at 34 Restaurant in Mayfair, Keira danced between tables at the swanky do, making her own dancefloor with the actor. Her spunky facial expressions flash with an unsentimental flair that leaves a lasting impression. More significantly, Keira Knightly is an adept actress whose film roles, up until Pride and Prejudice, have only hinted at her range.‘Keira’s really smitten with James but wants to just quietly get on with it and see what happens,’ the source added. She certainly won’t be stepping out on a red carpet with James in the near future.‘Rupert hates the idea of being followed and photographed.‘She’s extremely happy right now and really enjoying spending time with James,’ one source told the Mirror of Keira and James’s budding romance.